Book: The Living Garden

My first book, The Living Garden: A place that works with nature, was published in 2011 by Frances Lincoln.

I’d be thrilled a thousand times over if you want to buy it. I think it’s a good read, and there are over 200 pictures, all taken by me (many in my own garden) . You can sit down and read it in one go, or just dip in and out.

The best place to buy it (for writers and the whole writing industry) is at your local book shop, as it keeps people in jobs and helps keep your town alive.

If you want to buy it online, however, you can click on the highlighted links, which will bring you to and [At this point, I believe I am legally obliged to say that I earn a teeny-tiny commission if you buy from Amazon. I’ve never actually checked out the amount, as the process is so labyrinthine.]

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The Living Garden is also available as a German edition, translated by Brigitte Elbe, and published by Verlag Freies Geistesleben in Stuttgart

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What the reviews say:
“Jane Powers writes in an easy anecdotal style that perfectly chimes with her subject, guiding the reader through every stage of creating and enjoying an environmentally friendly garden without ever being preachy, and lacing her advice with asides on key topics that add to the reader’s pleasure.” — BBC Gardens Illustrated

“What’s unusual about The Living Garden is that it contains the sort of ideas that’ll make you pause and look at your garden through new eyes.” — The Scotsman

“The author illustrates the importance of … balance among plants, wildlife and people.”  — The Washington Post

“…an enjoyable and thought-provoking read that will remind you how easy it is to share your garden rather than keep it all to yourself.” — House & Garden

“…her writing is eloquent and engaging” — The English Garden 

The Living Garden is written with humour and is easy to read, either in big chunks or small bites.” — The Professional Gardener

“A timely and useful introduction to a very fulfilling way of managing the green space around your home.” — Countryfile

“…her lucid explanatory style and elegant photographs do full justice to her subject.” — The Irish Garden

The Living Garden is a bible for those who may wish to begin gardening, and a problem-solving, idea-generating, creative-mind-stirring directory for those who have a garden.” — Peter Donegan of the Sodshow on


§ One Response to Book: The Living Garden

  • lornafolan says:

    Hi Jane,

    I came across your book in a local shop in Athlone and bought it about two years ago.
    It’s still my favourite gardening read – beautiful images and lovely, descriptive writing that makes one smile.

    Keep up the good work ! 🙂

    (A permaculture student in Cork)


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